The essentials needed to ensure your safe return

Backpack- Lightweight and durable. An inconspicuous design- no need to advertise you are carrying survival gear. For all they know, it’s a change of clothes or school books. These are small enough to keep one on hand for each family member. Keep it at home or in the office (especially at the office if you work in a city environment and use public transportation). If you travel by car on a daily basis, keep your pack in the trunk.

Water- Nine pouches of emergency drinking water. 50% more than other companies offer. We would love for you to carry 3 gallons but you need to think of weight constraints. You may wish to add purification drops or a portable water filter if you live in an area with somewhat clean water supplies available. Water will be the most important resource during any emergency and probably the hardest to obtain.

Food- We pack you three military type MRE’s which are complete high calorie meals (not just entrées). Another company advertises 44 servings are included in their packs. 44? That number of entrées is great to have on hand at home. This is a 3-day pack. BTW, most of these meals from other suppliers are freeze dried, meaning you need to either carry up to 16 ounces of water for each meal or try to find water in transit. We also include three energy bars (three flavors) outside of what is included in the MREs. A small manual can opener is included just in case you have to scavenge for extra food. Canned food is a great find- IF you are able to open the can!

Shelter- A tube tent is included incase you need to rest outdoors. Again, think basics. Sure we can sell you a much larger, comfortable camping tent for let’s say, $100 to start. You probably won’t carry it very far though unless you are a seasoned backpacker. Also included is a sheet of clear plastic and a roll of duct tape. This can also be used for a make shift shelter. How about sealing a broken window or leak in the roof? A Mylar emergency space blanket is included to help you retain body heat.

Tools- A clear lexan map compass is in this kit. Buy a local map to keep in the pack. GPS may not work. Twenty feet of 550 parachute cord is included as well as a survival knife and a credit card size multi-tool.

Misc- A small LED flashlight with batteries (please test batteries regularly) and a larger flashlight/radio/siren combo (needs batteries) are included. Also included in the pack are: a chemical light stick (great backup to battery powered devices, also safer than fire), a poncho, camp candles (light and warmth) with matches (use common sense fire safety) and three pairs of hand warmers. Two N95 dust masks, a pair of work gloves and a basic first aid kit are here incase you need them. You may want to add additional first aid items if you have training. Again, think size and weight. A small whistle is available to you for signaling. Two packs of tissue, hand sanitizer a travel size tooth brush and tooth paste are included. These will help you feel a little refreshed while traveling to your destination.

Protection- Obviously we can not include a firearm (you can if you are properly licensed and follow your states laws regarding carrying) or years of karate training in this pack. Besides the survival knife as a protection tool, we include a container of pepper spray. Not only will this help to deter a human attacker, but it will also help ward off an angry dog or other wildlife. I have not seen one other pack offering this important item. Keep the can sealed while in storage (you don’t want it to spray all over the other contacts of your pack. If the time comes to evacuate, bug out etc, then unwrap the plastic and keep it ready.

Notes- This is not a Special Forces Operators patrol pack. This pack will not guarantee you will survive. I CAN guarantee, along with basic knowledge, common sense and a cool head, these tools WILL increase your safety and chances of surviving 3 days away from the comforts of home. This is not an “ULTIMATE” pack as others claim their product to be. Only you can make it “ultimate”. You MUST personalize any pack you buy from a dealer. We build these kits using experience and with years of training behind us.

You need to include:
• Local maps of your home town and anywhere else you frequently travel
• Three days worth of prescriptions you may be on
• List of important phone numbers and addresses- you may not be able to access the info in your phone or computer
• Feminine products or other hygiene products you feel are necessary
• Special food considerations (allergies, vegetarian etc)
• Baby or child items
• Any other item you feel WILL AID YOU IN SURVIVAL while being stranded in your office, home, car or wilderness for a duration of 3 days
• Any additional item you may need to SURVIVE WHILE TRAVELING to a safe location whether it be home or a relative’s home

I would love to make loads of money by selling these packs. However, I would rather you learn to survive on your own. If every person around me is prepared with a 3-day pack, I can be sure to have at least three days of safety before people start looking to me for supplies. How’s that for being truthful? Everyone who writes a book is an “expert”. Every pack out there is “ultimate”. Long term, all the packs in the world will not keep you alive. YOU NEED TO GAIN KNOWLEDGE on your own. You may not have a green thumb or be a great hunter. However, maybe you know how to can food for long term storage. Maybe you are wheelchair bound and can’t chop firewood but you have a Ham radio station and can set up a communications net. Forget cooking, maybe you can’t even boil water but you’ve been a security guard for several years. It’s up to you to keep your neighborhood safe now. Everyone has (or can learn) a special skill that help keep your family or neighbors safe during an emergency. What if an ice storm knocks power out for three days? Or, a freight train carrying Methyl Ethyl Bad Stuff derails in your end of town? Heck, maybe some are right about the Mayans and the end of civilization is upon us. What about a nuclear EMP blast, solar event, bombing, hurricane? “Super Storms” are now occurring all over the globe. It doesn’t matter. Survival skills cover a wide range of events. Meet your neighbors and learn a skill. How long did it take help to arrive in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina? You may be on your own.

Free Bonus- Because I want YOU to help your family to survive during an emergency, I am offering an absolutely free bonus I have not seen before. We are including 2 CDs packed with PDF, Word and picture files which cover all type of survival skill sets. Over 400 files were collected after hours upon hours of online research. Some we have authored. There is almost too much information here. Pick at least 6 guides to read. Learn something! Print what you feel you may need down the road (at least a checklist or two). If computers go down, the CD can be used as a signal mirror as the information will not be accessible!

Topics include:
• Food and water- how to find, grow, preserve and store- includes camping recipes and cooking from scratch
• Shelter- expedient shelters of all types up to more permanent shelters
• Gardening- making your soil fertile, seeds, tips for growing abundant crops
• First aid- basic first aid skills to wilderness survival, even emergency surgery
• Emergency communications- Guides & frequency lists, shortwave, ham, CB, Morse Code etc
• Hunting- basic traps and how to process game
• Fire- fire and makeshift stoves for heating and cooking
• Nuclear- emergency actions, first aid and home protection
• Military manuals- survival, tactics,OPSEC etc.
• Other skills such as knot tying and soap making

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